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multilanguage support

From: Jesse L Farinacci
Subject: multilanguage support
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 22:17:37 -0400
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good evening.  i am seeking a way to type out my polish notes in
emacs, the problem stems from all of the special characters that
have diacritical marks over or above them.  i'm sure most people
are familiar with what i'm talking about.  well, unfortunately i
am a total truebie newbie with getting this sort of thing done,
and am almost desperate for help.

my university's experience in this matter is next to nothing, and
i've been turned away for help.  so if some kind soul would either
give me detailed instructions, or point to where those could be
found - i would be very appreciative.  once again, i simply want
to type up my polish notes and save them online with all of the
proper characters / etc.

also of note, i've located a set of ISO 8859-2 fonts that have
been installed on my server (latin 2 fonts i believe), as i once
saw some information that those would be necessary.  however
any and all details beyond this point were left to be common
knowledge, which i do not have in this area unfortunately.

thank you in advance,

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