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Re: automatic indentation in C,C++ modes

From: Tony Harbin
Subject: Re: automatic indentation in C,C++ modes
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 10:53:55 -0500

Thanks to all who helped with this.  I finally found the answer.

In my .emacs file, I had 2 lines:

(autoload 'c++-mode "cc-mode" "C++ Editing Mode" t)
(autoload 'c-mode   "cc-mode" "C Editing Mode" t)

However, near as I can tell, these did not actually load anything until a file matching the mode criteria was visited.  Any lines referencing any variables
defined by those modes were not defined in emacs' scope until a file of the mode type was visited.  By then it's too late to affect any of the variables.  By changing
the lines to:

(load "cplus-md.elc")
(load "c-mode.elc")

The variables (especially c-auto-newline...thanks G Anna!) are now defined
and can be manipulated; in my case, to turn off the auto-indentation feature:

(setq c-auto-newline nil)

This gets me what I need, but is it wasteful?

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