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Re: shell command output question

From: G Anna
Subject: Re: shell command output question
Date: 27 Apr 2002 12:09:46 +0530
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> Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:26:36 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Noel Yap <>
> Subj: Re: shell command output question


> I am running Cygwin on NT and I want to be able to use the same
> .emacs on NT as on Unix.  Since emacs on NT doesn't grok Cygwin
> paths, I need to convert the paths passed into load-path into native
> paths.  So, I've created a script on both Unix and NT that'll take a
> path and convert it into a native path (on Unix, this is just an
> echo; on NT it's just a cygpath -w).  Ideally, I would have an emacs
> on NT that groks Cygwin but I don't think that'll happen any time
> soon (last I tried, emacs didn't build under Cygwin -- maybe it's
> time to try again).

Well, for GNU Emacs on Windows the mailing list is; My suggestion is to just repost this mail
to that mailing list.  

I use GNU Emacs on Linux, so I cannot help you much there.  Sorry, I
couldn't be of more help.



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