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Re: 21.1.1 and records-mode

From: Alexander Koptelov
Subject: Re: 21.1.1 and records-mode
Date: 29 Apr 2002 20:15:54 +0400
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>>>>> "Francesco" == Francesco Scaglioni <> writes:

    Francesco> Hi, I have just changed from 21.1 ( running under SuSE 7.1 ) to
    Francesco> 21.1.1 under SuSE 8.0.  Since then records-mode fails on me when
    Francesco> I try and create a new entr with title eg Subject with:

    Francesco>  "wrong type argument integerp, "^\\(Subject\\): "

    Francesco> Does anyone else have this experience or can any one suggest a
    Francesco> possible solution?

It's strange.

Try to look for this string in your emacs files loaded at startup (.emacs etc).

May be you have some strange customization with this value. If so, read help on
this variable. 

So far, I can't give you exact recipe what to do, sence I haven't enough info
about your problem.


    Francesco> Many TIA

    Francesco> Francesco

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    Francesco> mailing list

Alexander Koptelov
Institute for System Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences
icq:    36208499

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