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Re: fringes

From: Luis O. Silva
Subject: Re: fringes
Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 15:35:16 +0400

Dear Greg,

I completely agree with Eli, your remarks aren't
constructive. May be an improvement would be to make it
possible to disable this feature?

I've been working with emacs 21.1 for a while and I'm very
pleased with it and very grateful to all its creators. I
also think that the fringes are a _great_ thing, although,
as you, I don't like the toolbar at all. It is important to
me that I can disable it. So I think that the real
improvement is to make it possible to disable the fringes
rather than go back.

Best regards,

Luis Octavio Silva P.
St. Petersburg State University.
66/3 Botanicheskaya St., Apt.119/2
Stary Peterhof
St. Petersburg, Russia.

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