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problem with lisp programming

From: Sven Klose
Subject: problem with lisp programming
Date: 22 May 2002 16:51:59 +0200

hello emacs users,

i was running in some trouble while programming a small emacs macro.

what i want to do is 
1) start the terminal-emulator
2) use a small script as the shell 
3) after finishing the terminal-emulator, the content of the file ~/.acc
should be inserted into the buffer from where the terminal-emulator was

i added the following lines to my ~/.emacs file:
(setq explicit-shell-file-name "/home/sk/.emacs_dummy_bash")
(fset 'acc "\M-xterm")
(fset 'adone "\C-u\C-[!cat ~/.acc");

if i type \M-xacc, emacs executes ~/.emacs_dummy_bash and when i type
\M-xadone, the content of the file ~/.acc is in my buffer, but i don't
want to kill the *terminal* buffer after the shell is terminated, change
to the original buffer and type \M-xadoneto get the content of ~/.acc.
this should be done by a macro but i don't knew how to do it. this was
my first contact with the lisp programming language so i'm not really
good in lisp programming.

any help would be aprechiated.

greets sven

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