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TOP 100 internet money makers JOIN CASHevolution

From: CashEvolution
Subject: TOP 100 internet money makers JOIN CASHevolution
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 23:11:13 +0100

Cash Evolution is a BRAND NEW website,
LAUNCHED on 17th. of May 2002.
For more information just visit the website or read below.
How would you like to make $1500 a month from
only 155 referrals?
1.   Earn a realistic $1,500 a month from a unique
Affiliate program ?
2.   Continue towards a potential long term goal
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3.   Receive additional income from a different
investment each month ?
4.   Receive comprehensive financial, business and
investment training ?
5.   Receive an International bank account and
global Debit Card ?
Don't throw this opportunity away !!!
The experts agree! Cash Evolution has already
been embraced by nearly 100 of the BEST
Legends like Mike Glaspie, owner of BannersGoMLM
and Shawn Casey, WORLD FAMOUS Internet
Marketing Millionaire as well as Internet Business
Icons like, the #1 web services provider
with nearly 3 million customers!
Here are some of the great program features:
-Membership is JUST $25 per month, FREE after
referring JUST 3 people.
-With only 155 referrals you will be making almost
$1,500.00 per month.
-Earn up to $8,940.00 per month plus additional
income from your investments.
-Long term residual income with high member
retention rates.
-High yield referral program designed to maximize
your monthly income.
-Personal matrix, high spill over rates, and a quality
-Major backing by professional well known companies.
-No complicated pay plan, no quotas, no stock - think
-5x5 forced "personal" matrix referral structure.
*NOTE* This is not at all the same as the scammy
forced matrixes you see around - THIS IS REAL !!!
-Cleverly designed referral structure, which ensures
you will continue to benefit from the promotional
efforts of the big Builders.
SUGGESTION: Sign up NOW and get your share.
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