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Install emacs 20.7 cannot find/open lisp file path.

From: Abbott, Kevin C
Subject: Install emacs 20.7 cannot find/open lisp file path.
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 05:49:07 -0600

I have installed emacs 20.7 into a private/local  area. I have checked in the epaths.h that and load-path is correct and points to the lisp directory.  When I am done installing I can open an run emacs - once/first time and everytime works. It finds the lisp files and the path.  If I keep this emacs open and open another emacs - the second emacs cannot find any lisp files and acts like it has the wrong load-path but I cannot check since "view" file cannot be fount to open.   (I have tried with a .emacs that has the correct load-path specified and without .emacs).  Finally if I close all the emacs programs (including the first) then all other emacs that open never finds the lisp file path again
Is there away to hard code the search path for the lisp file?
Why does it work after the inital install but never again?
I would say the compile or epaths.h setting were wrong but the first emacs after install works great but only that emacs and I cannot ever exit it - then emacs never works again.
I am trying to install it  on a SUN sparc 2.6.  Any help so it can find the lisp directory after install.  I have checked the load-path.  The machine also has Xemacs 19.4 installed in the usr/local area. 
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