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xml validation and &amp entity

From: Raphael Summers
Subject: xml validation and &amp entity
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 14:14:38 +0100


It appears that my simple xml document cannot validate successfully on typing 
C-c C-v. 

It complains as follows:

nsgmls:fos_human.xml:7:54:E: general entity "amp" not defined and no default 

I am under the impression that I should not have to define &amp (&apos also 
does not appear to work). Why is it not able to detect the defaults entities? 
Am I inadvertently missing a line of code? The xml code parses correctly on 
Mozilla and the ampersands appear. Additionally, my xml validates 
successfully at

Please reply to my own email address. 

Thanks in advance,

Raphael Summers. 

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