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Re: Emacs 20 Antinews - unclear entry

From: Marco Baringer
Subject: Re: Emacs 20 Antinews - unclear entry
Date: 26 Jun 2002 08:28:09 +0200
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Paul Stoeber <> writes:

> One entry of Emacs 20 Antinews (distributed with Emacs 21):
>         - The variable `show-trailing-whitespace' has no special
>           meaning, so trailing whitespace on a line is now always
>           displayed correctly: as empty space.  To see if a line ends
>           with spaces or tabs, type `C-e' on that line.  Likewise,
>           empty lines at the end of the buffer are not marked in any
>           way; use `M->' to see where the end of the buffer is.
> I don't grasp the sentence with "`M->'".  When I go to
> `*scratch*', set `show-trailing-whitespace' to `t', and
> add some empty lines at the bottom of the buffer, I still
> have to type `M->' too see the end of buffer.  Perhaps my
> terminal can't show the face used to highlight the trailing
> empty lines.  The docstring of `show-trailing-whitespace'
> mentions only one face, `trailing-whitespace', which my
> terminal _does_ display.  What am I missing?

i think it refers to the gray bar on the far left of a frame. there
are small white square on the left starting at the end of the buffer

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