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Re: Switching bold off on all faces

From: Michael J. Barillier
Subject: Re: Switching bold off on all faces
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 12:39:40 -0600
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>>>>> "me" == Michael J Barillier <> writes:

    me> Bold faces in Emacs under X have characters that are wider
    me> than non-bold characters (at least with the font I'm using)
    me> screwing up columns of text in, for example, Gnus and info
    me> docs.  So, the $64K question: What's the best way to turn off
    me> bold for all fonts?  I suppose one option would be to iterate
    me> through all variables with a name ending in `-face' and run

    me>   (lambda (face) (set-face-bold-p face nil))

    me> on each one, but that seems like the sledgehammer approach.
    me> Any better suggestions?

Didn't get an answer on this one, so I wrote the following
``sledgehammer'' function:

(defun unbold-all-faces ()
  "Clear the `bold' flag from all faces."
  (dolist (f (face-list))
    (if (face-bold-p f) (set-face-bold-p f nil))))

Michael J. Barillier
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