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help sorting diary entries

From: Randy Zelick
Subject: help sorting diary entries
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 15:14:52 -0700 (PDT)

Well I am a new user so this may be pretty basic but...

I copied all the stuff below into my .emacs file from a couple of sources,
and according to the documentation I read appointments should be sorted
according to the time of day. Indeed, they are sorted but without regard
to AM or PM. That is, a 4:00 PM entry will appear in the fancy diary
buffer before an 11:00 AM entry. Maybe this is asking too much, but
various docs claim that emacs knows how to handle AM and PM. 




excerpt from my .emacs file:

(setq display-time-day-and-date t)
(display-time) ; show time of day on modeline
(add-hook 'diary-display-hook 'fancy-diary-display)
(add-hook 'diary-hook 'appt-make-list)
(diary 0)
(setq mark-diary-entries-in-calendar t)
(setq view-diary-entries-initially t)
(setq diary-list-include-blanks t)
(add-hook 'list-diary-entries-hook 'sort-diary-entries t) 
(add-hook 'today-visible-calendar-hook 'calendar-mark-today) 

R. Zelick                               email:
Department of Biology                   voice: 503-725-3086
Portland State University               fax:   503-725-3888

P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207

1719 SW 10th Ave, Room 246
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