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Emacs (Linux) activates as user but not as root

From: peter . spotts
Subject: Emacs (Linux) activates as user but not as root
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 03:22:05 GMT


A truly newbie question for Emacs on a Linux box: How can I get emacs to 
respond to activation as superuser or root, as well as user? I installed 
the latest version from a tar.gz file in ~/username and all went well. 
When I type emacs at the prompt as user, up comes emacs. When I type 
emacs when logged on as root, I get "command not found." At first blush, 
this looks like a reverse permissions problem, but being unfamiliar with 
lisp-based programs, I have no idea where to begin changing permissions. 
/usr/local/bin/emacs itself has root permission.

Any thoughts? 

Pete Spotts

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