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Re: How can I use fuction "append-to-buffer"?

From: Wu XiaoGuang
Subject: Re: How can I use fuction "append-to-buffer"?
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 20:33:08 +0000
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I just didn't know how to pass the two number argument(START and END) after "<ALT> x". With your advice, I understand, just use mouse to "create" the "active mask" in oldbuf, then do "<ALT> x append-to-buffer buffer".
It works now.
Thank you!

Douglas Lewan wrote:

To use "append-to-buffer" interactively simply type "M-x append-to-buffer" (where M-x is "<ESC> x" or possibly "<ALT> x").

To use it in another Emacs Lisp program:
1. Determine the BUFFER that you want to append to.
2. Calculate the START and END locations in the current buffer
   that define the text to be appended.
3. In your defun simply write:
       (append-to-buffer BUFFER START END)

I hope this helps.

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