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using aliases to change dir in emacs shell

From: Usman Muzaffar
Subject: using aliases to change dir in emacs shell
Date: 29 Aug 2002 16:24:03 -0700

Hi - 

I have a bunch of aliases (tcsh) which shuttle me around directories.

alias testdir pushd ~/proj/test

These work just fine most of the time (telnet, xterm, etc). It also
works in emacs, but now emacs doesn't know where I am. Normally in
shell mode emacs seems to watch for 'cd <dir>' and change the current
working dir for opening files (ie, if I C-x C-f from the shell buffer,
I'm prompted to open file from wherever my shell is), etc.

How can I get emacs to notice when my dir changes happen via my
aliases instead of cd ?


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