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Indentation in emacs 21.2.1

From: Jyri Seiger
Subject: Indentation in emacs 21.2.1
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 10:16:45 +0300


I've installed emacs 21.2.1 lately, and found that combination C-M-Q,
which used to work in previous versions of emacs for code indentation
doesn't work :( And if I call indent-sexp then indentation looks
very weird i.e. first level is shifted by 20 spaces (I have set
indent-tabs-mode to nil), second level is shifted by 18 spaces from
the previous level, third level is shifted by 12 spaces. So my question
is: is there something changed in the indentation in new emacs version?
Or is it some kind of a bug? And how to get indent-sexp to work
properly i.e. indenting 4 spaces (by default) from previous level?


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