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Re: Editing email replies

From: Peter Davis
Subject: Re: Editing email replies
Date: 30 Aug 2002 11:38:00 -0400
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Barry Margolin <> writes:
> In article <erBb9.37325$>,
> pd <> wrote:
> >I've been thinking about how to edit replies to MIME messages that use
> >multipart/alternative.  For example, suppose the message has a text/plain
> >alternative and a text/html alternative, as shown below.  When I insert some
> >plain text in my reply, I'd really like the resulting message to have the
> >two alternatives for the text before my insertion, then my insertion in
> >plain text, and then the two alternatives after my insertion.
> >
> >In other words,  I want to go from:
> >
> >    multipart/alternative
> >        text/plain
> >        text/html
> >
> >to
> >
> >    multipart/mixed
> >        multipart/alternative
> >            text/plain
> >            text/html
> >        text/plain <--- my reply!
> >        multipart/alternative
> >            text/plain
> >            text/html
> This seems like it would be extremely difficult to automate, because Emacs
> would have to determine which parts of the plain and HTML alternatives
> correspond to each other, so that it can find the correct dividing points.

I agree that it seems difficult.  Yet some e-mail programs do this (or
something like this, I guess).  If someone sends me a message with
blue, sans-serif text, I can reply and put comments interspersed with
that text.  The resulting message still has the original sender's text
in blue, sans-serif text, and my comments interspersed in Courier (or
some other plain text font).

Possibly this is because the program is displaying and editing the
text/html, and it only has to find the corresponding point in the
text/plain segment, rather than the other way around (editing the
text/plain, and trying to find the corresponding point in text/html).
I don't know, but somehow it works.



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