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Re: override defcustom

From: Bruce Ingalls
Subject: Re: override defcustom
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 03:27:05 GMT
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Kai Gro├čjohann wrote:
Bruce Ingalls <> writes:

I'd like to override the system defcustom defaults, in a way that
users can override my override.

What's wrong with using setq?


I am providing a .emacs (EMacro) for end users.
Currently, I do create some setq()s, and save them into a preferences file, so I suppose I could go that way.

I have built EMacro, so that it does not require any knowledge of programming, in order to use it. Defcustom has a nice visual interface.

Users of EMacro should need to dig through my code, in order to find out where I set font-lock-maximum-decoration to t.

The final problem, is that font-lock-maximum-decoration should be set in one place. If users cannot change font-lock-maximum-decoration, by running M-x customize, or its Menu equivalent, they will be confused.
I'd rather not explain that M-x customize sometimes does not work.

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