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Re: Multiple Size faces in one document

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Multiple Size faces in one document
Date: 04 Feb 2003 18:30:15 +1100
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>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas S Atkins <> writes:

 Thomas>        All,

 Thomas> I am trying to do the above in Emacs version 21.2.1 and I can
 Thomas> not find the information in the manual. Is this possible?

 Thomas> Thanks for your help.

 Thomas> Tom Atkins

I'm pretty sure it possible - if you look at info you will see it uses
faces of different sizes and even families. 

I'm not sure how you can do this interactively though. I guess you
could try defining a new face type and assign it a font of a different
size/colour/attribute/whatever and then include that face where you
want the different sized font. Also, check out the documentation for

Tim Cross
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