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Re: starting Emacs 21 in a terminal

From: Benjamin Riefenstahl
Subject: Re: starting Emacs 21 in a terminal
Date: 04 Feb 2003 17:46:37 +0100
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Hi Klaus,

Klaus Berndl <> writes:

> I'm using NTEmacs 21.1 and cygwin-bash plus cygwin rxvt (a
> xterm-emulation).
> If i call on the command-line "emacs -nw" to start Emacs with
> no-windows then i always get the error: "emacs: standard input is
> not a tty" and Emacs doesn't start.

IIRC, there is a Cygwin environment option CYGWIN=tty, that might

> What can be the problem...XEmacs starts fine with "xemacs -nw"...

The basic problem is that there is no documented way in Windows to
create a pseudo-tty like in Unix.  So if you are not using the regular
NT console, Cygwin and rxvt have to play tricks, and even than it
doesn't always work.

Hope this helps, benny

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