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Re: Fonts for Emacs on Windows2000

From: Sandip Chitale
Subject: Re: Fonts for Emacs on Windows2000
Date: 4 Feb 2003 18:47:39 -0800

Have you tried defun mouse-set-font ? My emacs (on windows) comes with 
<S-down-mouse-1> bound to it. Here is the help string:

mouse-set-font is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `term/w32-win'.
(mouse-set-font &rest FONTS)

Select a font.
If `w32-use-w32-font-dialog' is non-nil (the default), use the Windows
font dialog to get the matching FONTS. Otherwise use a pop-up menu
(like Emacs on other platforms) initialized with the fonts in
`w32-fixed-font-alist'. (Peter F. Brown) wrote in message 
> I am having trouble with setting the font while running emacs on my
> Win2K machine.  I am running emacs 20.7.1.  I have defined a
> default-frame-alist in my .emacs file, and it includes a
> (font . "...horrible X-Windows string describing the font...").  My
> .emacs file comes from my days of running on Suns and Silicon Graphics
> machines. I know how to change the font using
> Menu->Mule->Set Font/Fontset which brings up a nice little menu of
> fonts, styles and sizes and it changes to those quite nicely.  Now
> once I change to this font, how do I extract that funky string to
> insert into my .emacs file?
> Perplexed Pete

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