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page up key

From: Kevin Dziulko
Subject: page up key
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 08:26:46 -0500 (EST)


I use a small keyboard with integrated number pad and such keys. It is 
like many of the compact keyboards found on laptops.  There is an Fn key
that is used to activate the integrated keys.  So my page up key consists
of Fn + Up Arrow.

I am using GNU Emacs 20.2.3.  I have in my .emacs:
    (global-set-key "\e[3~" 'scroll-down)

This makes page up work great while in most all buffers.  But when
I hit F10 and go into the menu bar, and it says
"Menu bar (up/down to change, PgUp to menu):" 
in the mini buffer, PgUp doesn't take me back to the previous
menu like it should.  Instead I get the message "Beginning of buffer".

Any ideas on how I can get PgUp to work in the menu bar?

Thank you.

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