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Re::Emacs Forms mode.

From: kaustuv
Subject: Re::Emacs Forms mode.
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 01:31:30 -0800

I am trying to use emacs forms mode to create an addressbook. However I am
unable to enter the data in it. The moment I open a new recoed by C-c C-o
I get a screen as i expect, but for the fact that when i press tab to
move to fields  to enter data in the them it simply takes me to the end of
this record. Is there some way instead of pressing tab to goto the desired
fiels and enter data?

Also I noted if the fields in concern had already data in them (for e.g.
after I modified the data file manually) I could not only go to those
fields by pressing tab but also enter data by modifyin what was written
there. I am adding my address.el below. Can someone suggest what is going

;; This is my custom build address book format specification
;; Use M-x forms-mode in this file to enter forms
;; C-c C-o to enter new record *after* the present one (i.e. forms inserts
;; after is true)

  (setq forms-file "address.txt")
  (setq forms-number-of-fields 9)
  (setq forms-read-only nil)
  (setq forms-field-sep ":")
  (setq forms-insert-after t)
  (setq forms-format-list
         "====== address ======\n\n"
         "Last name  : "    1  "\n\n"
         "First name : "    2  "\n\n"
         "Nick name  : "    3  "\n\n"

        "Street  : "   4      "\n\n"
         "City    : "   5      "\n\n"
         "ZIP     : "   6      "\n\n"
         "Country   : "   7    "\n\n"

          "Email Primary:" 8   "\n\n"
          "Email Secondary:" 9 "\n\n"


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