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Re: Disable automatic Perl indentation

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: Disable automatic Perl indentation
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 18:24:26 +0100
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Joel Konkle-Parker <> writes:

>> Just for the record, I'd like to mention that Emacs 19 is pretty
>> old.  Most people use Emacs 20 or 21 these days.  So people are wont
>> to give you advice which is good for 20 or 21 but doesn't work on 19.
>> So in a way, if you would upgrade, you'd avoid many of those
>> problems...
> Unfortunately, I have no control over that, and our sysadmin obviously
> doesn't consider it a priority. Oh well...

It won't hurt to ask, if you haven't already.  Or compile it for
yourself -- it's quite easy.

> Anyway, the lastest error:
> "Symbol's function definition is void: kbd"
> (load "perl-mode")
> (define-key perl-mode-map (kbd ";") 'self-insert-command)

Maybe just side-step the problem via

(load "perl-mode")
(define-key perl-mode-map ";" 'self-insert-command)

A turnip curses Elvis

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