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Re: Question about Emacs Lisp

From: Friedrich Dominicus
Subject: Re: Question about Emacs Lisp
Date: 09 Feb 2003 08:38:34 +0100
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Renato Perini <> writes:

> Let's suppose I am a SCHEME guru (I'm not, really). How far I am from
> learning Emacs Lisp?
Scheme is  good base. Anyway Emacs Lisp does share more with Common
Lisp than with Scheme. I heard rumours and even found one Emacs which
can be scripted in Guile. I have waited for it more than 3 years now
and nothing really matirialzed so IMHO it's varpoware at it worst. If
you don't believe me check out:

Another really different thing is dynamic scoping in Emacs Lisp, this
is why I would prefer either Scheme or Common Lisp...

Another thing which I found over time is that large packages are not
written from Programmers very familiar with Lisps, that makes code
look a bit strange on Lispers eyes sometimes. There are too
counterexamples e.g eli (for using Franz Common Lisp with Emacs as
IDE). What I won't understand is why you have to use (require 'cl) to
get a more complete Lisp.... 


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