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Re: Drag and drop editing in emacs...

From: Christopher J. White
Subject: Re: Drag and drop editing in emacs...
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 16:49:23 -0500
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>>>>> "sandip" == Sandip Chitale <> writes:

sandip> GNU Emacs alllows draggin mouse to create selection.  I was
sandip> wondering why is isn't there a drag and drop editing support
sandip> also.

Might exist, but if not, probably because you can do:
  Mouse-1 start region
  Double Mouse-3 end region, and kill
  Mouse-2 insert kill

sandip> Could something like the following be done ?

sandip> (defun drag-cut-copy-paste (start-event)
sandip> "Drag and drop editing."

I can't see why something like this wouldn't work...


 Christopher J. White                          

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