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Re: Is this a bug in cperl mode

From: Le Wang
Subject: Re: Is this a bug in cperl mode
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 02:04:24 GMT
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Le Wang wrote:

> Daniel Pfeiffer wrote:
>> (Kai Gro├čjohann) skribis:
>>> Harry Putnam <> writes:
>>> > I get several kinds of goofy behavior from cperl mode on this snippet
>>> > of code.  The syntax hylight breaks down on last section too.  Makes
>>> > cperl pretty useless for what its designed for. Maybe its local guff
>>> > causing it but starting emacs -q -no-site-file doesn't seem to help.
>>> I could reproduce this with the cperl that comes with Emacs, but the
>>> cperl from Ilya (I have 4.32, it seems) works.
>>> How about you check that and submit a bug report, suggesting to
>>> upgrade the cperl in Emacs.  (It seems that the cperl in Emacs is
>>> quite old.)
>> Actually I've been exploring this recently, and the opposite is the case.
>> The CPerl from Ilya is quite old.  The emacs variant has had quite a few
>> little bug-fixes over the last three years.  This seems the first case
>> where Ilya's is better.
> Here is another:
> Using filladapt-mode, I'm able to fill end-of-line comments with the Ilya's
> version.  This is broken in the Emacs version, both CVS and stable.
> I just checked, and adaptive-fill-mode is broken in the same manner.
> I can turn filladapt off in the mode hook, but still regression is never
> good.

Oops, things just got a little worse.  In the cvs version of emacs, no matter 
what version of cperl-mode (emacs' or Ilya's) I use, even if I turn filladapt 
off in the mode hook, filling is broken as described above.  With the 
addition that even whole line comments won't fill at all. I'm trying to fill 
by pressing <M-q>, which runs cperl-fill-paragraph.



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