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Problem with display-buffer and special-display-buffer-names

From: Greg Hill
Subject: Problem with display-buffer and special-display-buffer-names
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:55:48 -0800

I'm having a problem with display-buffer that is driving me nuts. Since display-buffer is an interactive built-in function, it's probably something I'm doing wrong, not a bug in Emacs. Perhaps you can help me figure out what is wrong.

The value of special-display-buffer-names is:

    ((font . "-Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--13-120-75-75-C-80-ISO8859-1")
     (foreground-color . "black")
     (background-color . "LightGray")
     (height . 44)
     (width . 80)
     (left . 349)
     (top . 79)
     (menu-bar-lines . 0))))

When I invoke display-buffer to display the (currently undisplayed) buffer "bstat", it does automatically display it in a pop-up frame, as it should (based on the value of special-display-buffer-names); but it does NOT apply any of the frame parameters specified in the alist when it creates that frame.

Yet when I invoke special-display-popup-frame as shown here:

  (let ((buf (assoc "bstat" special-display-buffer-names)))
    (special-display-popup-frame (car buf) (cadr buf)))

I get exactly what I expected to get by invoking display-buffer, including all of the specified frame parameters.

Can anyone see something I'm doing wrong?



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