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abbrevs and cursor control

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: abbrevs and cursor control
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:01:20 GMT
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Is there any way to control things like where the cursor lands during
and inserted abbrev?

Something like can be done with skeletons

(define-skeleton hp-mkeywords
        "Insert nifty keywords string into mail/news messages
         and closing characters to make it searchable in a blob"
        "Keywords: "_"\n" 
        (format-time-string "X-Key-Date: %b %d %Y %w\n") 
        "X-&&: ") 

I'd like to do something like that with the symplicity of an abbrev
rather than calling command or hitting command keys.

I'm thinking of stuff like one might want when writing perl or other
An example might be some standard stuff needed for a perl style
getopts section with the cursor located as shown:

  ## ========== BEGIN Getopts section ==========
  ## Declare vars inside qw()
  use vars qw(<cursor>);
  use Getopt::Std;
  my $optstr ="";

Easy enough if you don't care where the curor goes.. Just wondered
if that can be controlled in an abbrev.

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