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Re: How to develop an automatic gnus mail set up thing for gnus users.

From: Bijan Soleymani
Subject: Re: How to develop an automatic gnus mail set up thing for gnus users.
Date: 13 Feb 2003 17:39:59 -0500
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Don Saklad <> writes:

> How would you develop a wizard like thing that would automatically
> set up gnus mail for gnus users or ask for a response at each
> point of setting up where it can't do it automatically by detecting
> the appropriate parameters?... And at each point where it needs the
> response there would be available elaboration, explicatory informative
> details in case the respondent might as a neophyte not understand what
> response is needed. Something that goes further for the neophyte than
> the excellent
> And where the elaboration might not work, further elaboration would
> be linked too.
There are certain small problems with that form:

1)What if I don't have a fully qualified domain name. (I do, but what
  if I didnt', what if i'm a floating dynamic ip?)

2)You don't ask about the mail username, explicitly. Is the username
  the same thing as the pop username? Then why is there (system) in
  quotation. My mail username and system username are different.

3)Sending password in cleartext is not very safe...
I don't believe in security, but some people do.

What I recommend is putting up a couple of standard .gnus files
one for "pop" and one for "imap". Have it commented in such a way as
to make it clear what the user needs to put where.


(setq user-mail-address "insert-email-address")

(setq mail-sources
'((pop :server "insert-name-of-pop-server" :user "insert-pop-username" 
:password "insert-pop-password")))

(setq gnus-select-method '(nntp "insert-news-server"))


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