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help: RMAIL file format ??

From: hbmath
Subject: help: RMAIL file format ??
Date: 13 Feb 2003 19:21:06 -0800

While usually very reliable, my unix shell provider just had
some major attack againt it and all the mail files are jumbled up.

No longer can I access "Mail" from the shell; I get

Mail: /home/barzilai/Maildir/: Is a directory

Well, "pine" works, but I've used emacs since 1988 and don't
care for pine at I try using rmail-get-new-mail
with control-u so I can specify file format...

I see Maildir/ has a subdirectory Maildir/new/ but
every mail message there is separate; files have names like

 -rw-------    1 barzilai pg6640       3480 Jan  3  2001 1025163484.000001.mbo\

I try "cat * >> allmail" and then to run RMAIL on "allmail" but no go;
likewise for trying to run RMAIL on an individual file like the above;
emacs says it can't convert them into babyl format...while support
staff deals with this attack (the third major one in 4.5 years  I'm
with them) it may take a while before my query gets to an
emacs savvy person of their staff so since I depend (don't
we all?)on daily, frequent access to email, I'd appreciate any ideas;
please cc to hare [at-sign] barzilai [dot] org 



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