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I can't believe: replace regexp in a string

From: Stefan Kamphausen
Subject: I can't believe: replace regexp in a string
Date: 14 Feb 2003 00:37:55 -0800

Dear elispWizards,

somehow I can't believe it. When I try to replace a regexp in a string
I have to create a temporary buffer and use the usual buffer
replacement commands or write a loop over the sequence. Is that true?
I have found a posting in this group describing that and have looked
at the XEmacs sources of subr.el where a defun replace-in-string is
defined which does one of the above procedures depending on the length
of the string. Having coded in Perl a good deal this seems quite
strange to me, but if it is the elispish way to do it, I'll give in

Best Regars and Thanks
Stefan Kamphausen

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