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ECB+semantic, ebrowse, ctags/etags

From: Peter Lee
Subject: ECB+semantic, ebrowse, ctags/etags
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 16:18:09 GMT
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If I'm on a c++ member function definition or a c++ member variable, I
would like to be able to jump to the declaration.

With ebrowse I can simply do ebrowse-tags-find-declaration (C-c b F).

I was under the impression that I could achieve the same thing with
either ECB+semantic or ctags/etags.

With ECB+semantic, all it seems to do is provide paned views of
interesting things in whatever file I'm in.  Is there a
jump-to-declaration that I'm just missing?  I'm using ecb 1.91.1 and
semantic 1.4.3.

With ctags, it just cycles through tokens.  Is there a
find-declaration function for ctags/etags ?

I'd really like to just use ecb and not have to create browse files.
There is an annoying problem with browse files such that, if I have
multiple browse files loaded and hit (C-c b F) it will prompt me for
which tree I want to use (which is fine).  But when I select the tree
I want, instead of using the word under the cursor, as it would if
there were only one tree loaded, it will prompt me for the token.

Anyway, I'm just trying to get a feel for the best *C++* code
navigation package.  What does everyone here use for immediately
jumping to member func/variable declarations/definitions?


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