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Re: Setting up Emacs, AucTeX and (La)TeX on Mac OSX

From: Peter Ilberg
Subject: Re: Setting up Emacs, AucTeX and (La)TeX on Mac OSX
Date: 14 Feb 2003 11:13:28 -0600
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"D. D. Brierton" <> writes:
> First questions: is it best (or necessary) to install the X server Apple
> recently released, or are there native Aqua builds of Emacs and whatever DVI
> viewers she might need (I guess that if she just uses pdflatex then she can
> just use Aqua's native PDF rendering for previewing?)?
> Next question: are there nice prebuilt binary packages which we can download
> and install, or do we need to build from source, and if so, does the
> bog-standard OSX install contain all the necessary developer tools?
> Last (for now): how similar are the standard install paths on OSX to Linux?
> Can I just make install auctex into /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp? And do
> whatever LaTeX macros she needs go into ~/texmf?

As somebody else has already pointed out, TeXShop is a very
nice interface to tetex on Mac OS X and I'd suggest you look
at that first. There are links to the tetex distribution for
Mac OS X on that site.

Another place to look would be iTexMac, but I haven't used
it myself:

All of these IIRC are binary distribution and very easy to
install/get working.

If you really want to use emacs (but not the command-line-
only version that comes with Mac OS X) you can look at this
site for more information:

You'll need the developer tools for this one though. Usually
there's an installer in /Applications/Installers or
somewhere similar.


-- Peter Ilberg <>

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