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Re: Proplem with pc-selection-mode and S-insert

From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: Re: Proplem with pc-selection-mode and S-insert
Date: 15 Feb 2003 09:51:28 +0100
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For all this stuff i recommend cua-mode which comes with cua.el which you can
find in the web!


On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Anders Baumann wrote:

>  I have a problem with "pc-selection-mode" in Emacs. 
>  I cannot seem to make S-insert work properly. When I press S-insert and I 
>  have marked a region, the text in the kill ring should overwrite/replace 
>  the marked region, but it does not. Instead the text in the kill ring is 
>  inserted next to the text in the region. If I want to overwrite the region 
>  I have to use M-y. 
>  "Delete-selection-mode" is turned on. If I mark a region and starts 
>  writing, the marked region will be overwritten. 
>  I hope there is an Emacs expert that has an explanation to this 
>  annoying little problem. 
>  Thanks, 
>  Anders Baumann 

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