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getting jerked around by C-x h (select whole buffer as region)

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: getting jerked around by C-x h (select whole buffer as region)
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 17:22:40 GMT
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How can I avoid being jerked to the top of a large buffer when I run
the command C-x h (select whole buffer as region).

Its quite irritating to be viewing certain lines then be jerked clear
into the next state suddenly.  Especiall since C-x C-x doens't bring
you back to ground zero. Instead it jerks to the bottom of the buffer.

In fact that has the ear marks of a bug maybe.

wc -l shows 789

emacs +30 file
We make changes at 30, 93, 74, 390, 456
We are now at ground zero 456

We decide for some reason to select the who buffer, maybe to feed it
thru a shell script or something.
We press C-x h.. zoom-Jerko .. Now we are at line 1
We press C-x C-x.. zoom-Jerko now we are at line 789

Well ya, one can save marks in regesters or whatever, but why all the
commotion to begin with?  Hard to imagine a time when our user would
want that.  Seems she most likely would want to remain at marks location.

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