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How does Emacs know the background color?

From: Michael Herman
Subject: How does Emacs know the background color?
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 08:10:38 -0600
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I am using a special mode for handling e-mail called post.el.  In
post.el there are different faces depending on the background being
'light' or 'dark'.  When I launch emacs -nw from within an xterm with
a white background, emacs uses the face for a dark background.

How does emacs determine what the background is?

When I use -rv for the xterm, emacs still thinks the background is

On a sort of related note, is there a way to tell how emacs was
launched from the command line?  I'd like to modify my .emacs to
change settings depending on whether I used emacs -nw or not.


Michael Herman

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