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output file name in latex-mode ?

From: Marian Grigoras
Subject: output file name in latex-mode ?
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 19:52:45 +0100

I got stuck into a problem in the latex-mode.
I use the menu command: "TeX Buffer" that will compile my *.tex file into a *.dvi
All works fine, except that the output file name is a very strange one: _TZ_1208_localhost_localdomain.dvi
Could someone give me a hint on how to configure the latex-mode to generate a normal output? (that is, keeping the original file name)
I am running emacs version 21.2 on RedHat 8.0
I found some config buffer under Options->Customize->Emacs->Wp->TeX->Tex Run but it does not look like solving it. If I change the program name from latex to anything else the "TeX Buffer" menu just ignores my change (and I did save it :-) ), while playing with the latex options is recognized (because whatever I change there leads to an error in the tex output :-) ) but does not change the output file name.
Thanks a lot,

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