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Re: X-Symbol => Can't save LaTeX files anymore

From: Felix E. Klee
Subject: Re: X-Symbol => Can't save LaTeX files anymore
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:35:40 +0100
User-agent: KNode/0.7.1 wrote:
>  > today, I installed X-Symbol 4.45 on a SuSE 8.1 system running EMACS
>  > 21.2.1. As far as I can tell the install went almost fine (no
>  > x-symbol error messages in *Messages* other than the one explained
>  > below, and displaying symbols works). However, I can't save LaTeX
>  > files anymore. Here's the error message I get upon hitting C-x C-s:
>  >   x-symbol-write-file-hook: Symbol's function definition is void:
>  >   continue-save-buffer
>  > Any ideas what might be causing this?
> Oops.  Let me guess: do you also use crypt?  


> At least on older
> XEmacsen, this package didn't work together with other packages which
> want to do
> something when writing a file (e.g., iso-cvt).  So I provided a
> workaround in XEmacs, but the above function is missing in Emacs (and
> cannot be provided by me, since it needs support by the core function
> `basic-save-buffer')...
> Hm, can you:
>  1. try not to use the workaround, but still use crypt (WARNING: your
>     file might get corrupted with crypt -- that's the test):
>     (setq x-symbol-auto-conversion-method 'fast)

That's too risky.
>  2. use jka-compr.el instead crypt.el.

Hm, crypt++ works fine for me. I want to avoid trying out another 

> P.S. David is right, with M-x x-symbol-package-bug, I would KNOW
> whether you use crypt.

Yes, but I haven't configured email support for EMACS. However, I can 
send you the info that gets displayed after executing 
x-symbol-package-bug. I attached it below.


x-symbol-package-bug info:

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 21.2.1 (i586-suse-linux, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll 
 of 2002-09-11 on amdsimb
Package: x-symbol 4.4.5

current state:
 command-line-args '("emacs")
 x-symbol-auto-style-alist nil
 x-symbol-default-coding 'iso-8859-1
 x-symbol-image-converter nil
 features '(sendmail reporter info tabify texmathp reftex-auc 
x-symbol-image quail
            x-symbol-mule x-symbol-vars x-symbol x-symbol-tex reftex-vcr 
reftex-dcr reftex
            reftex-vars preview tex-buf prv-emacs noutline outline 
font-latex latex tex
            easymenu lucid gif png x-symbol-emacs x-symbol-hooks 
x-symbol-autoloads edmacro
            view pc-select tex-site crypt crypt++ crypt+pgp-pub 
jka-compr saveplace jit-lock
            font-lock bbdb-autoloads bbdb ssh tramp regexp-opt shell 
comint ring format-spec
            advice advice-preload easy-mmode completer cl cl-19 redo 
paren mouse-sel
            thingatpt w3-auto url url-proxy url-privacy url-expand 
url-methods url-history
            url-cookie url-util url-parse url-auto timezone url-vars 
mailcap mail-parse
            rfc2045 rfc2047 gnus-util nnheader mail-utils qp rfc2231 
ietf-drums mm-util
            mule-util time-date parse-time mail-prsvr unicode un-data 
mucs mucs-ccl ccl
            trans-util mucs-type mucs-error un-define mule-uni ispell 
tooltip image tool-bar
            mwheel fontset lpr disp-table delsel ediff-hook vc-hooks 
            lisp-mode page menu-bar timer select scroll-bar mldrag mouse 
facemenu faces
            cus-face frame misc-lang vietnamese tibetan thai lao korean 
japanese hebrew greek
            romanian slovak czech european ethiopic devanagari indian 
cyrillic chinese
            case-table help overlay md5 base64 format mule env backquote 
custom widget

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