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Searching for command options in man pages (searching for a hyphen not r

From: Jerry Asher
Subject: Searching for command options in man pages (searching for a hyphen not represented by ASCII 2d)
Date: 20 Feb 2003 10:43:41 -0800

I like displaying man pages w/i emacs.  At some point, these man pages
started displayed fields in bold.

I want to search for a switch option, but I can't because the damned
hyphen is bolded.

For instance, m-x man mv shows there is a -b option to mv. (never knew
that).  I cannot search for the -b.  isearch-forward just beeps at me.

In Red Hat (8.0 but I am pretty sure in 7.x as well), in emacs 21.2
hexl-mode shows the bolded hyphen is not ASCII 2D, but is represented
by ASCII 92 (ex).  It's not a hyphen, but it displays as a hyphen.  A
long switch option (--backup) is represented by 8892 (hex).

How do I search for these characters?

I note than in both NT Emacs (21.2) and in Cygwin (emacs 21.2), the
hyphens are displayed in bold, and hexl shows they are all 2D (hex).

Man is this annoying (m-x man annoying)

How can I search my man pages in emacs?


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