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Re: newbie tiny-tools question

From: John F. Koenig
Subject: Re: newbie tiny-tools question
Date: 20 Feb 2003 18:24:12 -0800

Desperately following up to my own post, ova'here. :)

Hopefully, by simplifying my post, my questions will be more readily
apparent. The author, jari, appears to be ignoring private e-mail that
might be regarded as support-related.

I was able to install tiny-tools such that the file "tinypath.el" gets
loaded -- which appears to load a large amount tiny-tools config code.

My simple questions:

1. Where in the tiny-tools heirarchy would one place the file

2. After installing python-mode.el in the proper location, must I
modify a load path? If so, what do I do and where?

3. Must I then make a config change to allow the autoloading of this
major mode?

4. And finally, what config changes must I make for the automatic file
associations ".py". I was hoping that there is a file in tiny-tools
for this purpose.

Thank you (anybody)

#### (John F. Koenig) wrote in message 
> Hello,
> I finally "decoded" the disconnect between the installation paragraph
> in the README 
> <>
> and what was actually required... Actually not that confusing once one
> realizes that the path refers to the file ending in tinypath.el; not a
> "directory root" of the tiny-tools package.
> Maybe the problem that emacs novices have when they first encounter
> the tiny-tools installation instructions is this... possibly because
> they are not familiar with the emacs lisp load construct and they fact
> that "tinypath" refers to a file (ending in '.el' which is not to be
> expressed), not a directory. Mine looks something like this:
> (load 
> "/Full-Path-To-My-Home-Dir/elisp/packages/tiny-tools-cvs/lisp/tiny/tinypath")
> If the above is wrong or otherwise misguided please tell me. :)  For
> example, is the tiny-tools directory, in a sense, the tiny-tools
> package? And hence it should go into the package directory along-side
> the other packages that will inevitably be downloaded via something
> like perl-webget. I was considering looking into that tool for more
> insight into what Jaari is intending...
> My other significant question is where does a major-mode such as
> python-mode.el go? Does it go here:
> "/Full-Path-To-My-Home-Dir/elisp/packages"
> That seems reasonable... as it would be counter-productive to put it
> inside the tiny-tools distribution... wihch, BTW, the contents of
> which are being copied from the SourceForge (tinytools) CVS
> repository.
> So with that, what tweak do I need to make to the tiny-tools
> configuration to cause the python-mode to be invoked when I load a
> file with \*.py ?
> I see the instructions at the python-mode page indicating  one needs
> to set the mode path and make file associations... Is it recommended
> to put the same sort of emacs lisp instructions when using tiny-tools?
> I was kinda hoping for something sort of automatic... when I placed
> the python-mode.el file somewhere and restarted emacs. (I am using
> version 21.2.1 and 21.1.1 on Linux and OS X, respectively.)
> ##
> Some hand-holding would be much appreciated... :)))
> Thanks and happy friday...

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