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Re: newbie tiny-tools question

From: Le Wang
Subject: Re: newbie tiny-tools question
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 03:03:41 GMT
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John F. Koenig wrote:

> Desperately following up to my own post, ova'here. :)
> Hopefully, by simplifying my post, my questions will be more readily
> apparent. The author, jari, appears to be ignoring private e-mail that
> might be regarded as support-related.
> I was able to install tiny-tools such that the file "tinypath.el" gets
> loaded -- which appears to load a large amount tiny-tools config code.

Why do you need tiny-tools.  Seriously, it's been around a long time, I'm 
interested in learning what are some killer features in it?

> My simple questions:
> 1. Where in the tiny-tools heirarchy would one place the file
> python-mode.el?

You don't.  AFAIK, keep tiny tools in its own directory structure, install 
your customizations else where.
> 2. After installing python-mode.el in the proper location, must I
> modify a load path? If so, what do I do and where?
> 3. Must I then make a config change to allow the autoloading of this
> major mode?
> 4. And finally, what config changes must I make for the automatic file
> associations ".py". I was hoping that there is a file in tiny-tools
> for this purpose.

Your next three questions are explicitly addressed on the python.el 
installation page.  I suggest you look there.



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