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Re: How to configure Emacs to autoload modes?

From: Lucas
Subject: Re: How to configure Emacs to autoload modes?
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:50:07 +0100
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Un beau jour, Peter Wu <> nous a dit:

> Lucas <> writes:
>> Un beau jour, "Peter Wu" <> nous a dit:
>>>> But I'm sure you'll get the same result by editing files.el, with being
>>>> ((((careful)) (to) '(((parenthesis))))) and "strings" that end
>>>> anywhere".
>>> However, it does not work for me after I modified the files.el and
>>> loaddefs.el. What could I have missed? Thanks!
>> Maybe M-x byte-compile-and-load ?
> All my previous tests include a byte-compile. But this did not help. :(

Hmmm, that looks strange... Did you try to remove the .elc, and then
re-bye-compile, it worked for me, when I had problems.
And with adding a (load "python-mode") or thing like that in your
.emacs, so that it loads the mode (slows Emacs a bit, though) at each

> I think Emacs must be reading some files at bootup and load some
> modes. I'd like to know what those files are. Emacs should do something
> according to those files to respond to various modes, say cc-mode.

You can know the load path ( C-h v load-path ), and I think that most of
the files in the path are loaded. You can even modify it, but I don't
know why your python mode doesn't start if you set up the things


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