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Re: LaTeX-Fill-Paragraph and inline images

From: Felix E. Klee
Subject: Re: LaTeX-Fill-Paragraph and inline images
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:02:19 +0100
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David Kastrup wrote:
>> The algorithm should not format the source of the entities. It should
>> only format what is visible to the user after he has applied
>> preview-latex.
> Why?  The purpose of AUCTeX's formatting is not to make the source
> ugly when one does not use preview-latex.  One wants to have a
> reasonable look of the source also in that case.

The problem is that code which is formatted to look pretty in source form 
doesn't neccessarily look pretty when displayed with preview-latex (e.g. 
the images created by preview-latex often are much smaller than the 
corresponding source). What I want is a tool that formats only for on 
screen viewing. Maybe it could even preserve the original format as e.g. 
the longlines mode does.
>> It would be interesting to try out the algorithm on plain text documents
>> that are displayed with a variable width font. Do you know how to get
>> the width in pixels of an "entity".
> char-width, 

Not applicable since it returns the width of a char measured in columns, not 
in pixels.

> string-width, 

Has the same problem as char-width.

> and more complicated commands (like compute-motion) come to mind. 

Also seems to use columns for measuring distances.

> Probably quite different with XEmacs, though.

I don't use XEmacs.

> Take a look at the respective sections in the Emacs Lisp manual.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a command that returns the width in pixels of 
a certain character in the default font. But maybe I can get that 
information via an external tool. Any ideas?


PS: Sorry for answering so late. I have overlooked your message.

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