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From: Klaus Berndl
Subject: window-size-fixed
Date: 21 Feb 2003 18:51:28 +0100
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In the elisp-info-manual there is the following description:

 - Variable: window-size-fixed
     If this variable is non-`nil', in any given buffer, then the size
     of any window displaying the buffer remains fixed unless you
     explicitly change it or Emacs has no other choice.  (This feature
     is new in Emacs 21.)

     If the value is `height', then only the window's height is fixed;
     if the value is `width', then only the window's width is fixed.
     Any other non-`nil' value fixes both the width and the height.

     The usual way to use this variable is to give it a buffer-local
     value in a particular buffer.  That way, the windows (but usually
     there is only one) displaying that buffer have fixed size.

     Explicit size-change functions such as `enlarge-window' get an
     error if they would have to change a window size which is fixed.
     Therefore, when you want to change the size of such a window, you
     should bind `window-size-fixed' to `nil', like this:

          (let ((window-size-fixed nil))
             (enlarge-window 10))

     Note that changing the frame size will change the size of a
     fixed-size window, if there is no other alternative.

C-h v displays:

Non-nil in a buffer means windows displaying the buffer are fixed-size.
Emacs won't change the size of any window displaying that buffer,
unless you explicitly change the size, or Emacs has no other choice.
This variable automatically becomes buffer-local when set.

Regardless which not nil value i set in a buffer there seems always be set t.

(setq window-size-fixed 'width)

After that doing C-h v window-size-fixed RET in that buffer returns t as

Is the distinction between 'width, 'height and t like described in the
info-manual not implemented now??

Thanks a lot,

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