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Re: iso-accents-mode with Dvorak keyboard?

From: Edgar Antonio Luna Díaz
Subject: Re: iso-accents-mode with Dvorak keyboard?
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 22:40:02 -0600
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A. L. Meyers <> writes:

> Hi!  Have a Dvorak keyboard layout and iso-accents-mode turned on but
> the latter does not work.  Suggestions welcome.
How do you set your layout? I do it via XFree86 configuration (or
console-data if the case) and in emacs 'a makes á, and so. 

This is my configuration at respect:
(require 'iso-acc)
(set-language-environment "Latin-1") ;display iso8859 characters.
(setq iso-language "spanish")        ;insert spanish characters.

Hope that helps

Edgar Antonio Luna Díaz
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