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Continue buffer in other window?

From: PL
Subject: Continue buffer in other window?
Date: 25 Feb 2003 00:42:05 -0800


I've heard it's possible to have a buffer to run over two paralell
windows, but I cannot find any info on that. I *don't* mean C-x 3, and
bring up the same buffer in each window. That would make the windows
to "live" separately (although buffer changes are reflected in both
windows of course).

For example, if row 1-80 of a file (buffer) is displayed in left
window, row 81-160 of the same file would be visible in right window.
If I delete row 1-10 (left window), then 10 rows will be shifted up in
*both* left window and right window. That is, previous row 11-90 now
in left window, 91-170 in right window.

Is that possible? Anyone?


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