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Re: Count characters in emacs?

From: Aaron Son
Subject: Re: Count characters in emacs?
Date: 25 Feb 2003 13:57:12 -0600
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Big Slim <> writes:

> Anyone know if it's possible to count the number of characters in a
> file with emacs? I'm trying to rely less on Word, but that's one
> feature I can't seem to find in emacs. Alternately, a shell command
> would be nice.

Answer from the nice people in #emacs on

If you're not using narrowing, it looks like C-= will do it.

If you are using narrowing, use C-x h to mark the whole buffer, and
then M-= to count the number of lines and characters in the region.
Note, this will destroy your point position, save it if ya need it.


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