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Re: ipa

From: Jesper Harder
Subject: Re: ipa
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 03:38:37 +0100
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Joel Smith <> writes:

> i'd like to know how to display ipa characters?  what font set should
> i install,

FWIW, this is the font used to display IPA in Emacs for me:


I think it's part of the GNU Intlfonts distribution.

> how do i install it 

That depends on your operating system.  I think there are some
installation instructions if you get the GNU Intlfonts.

> and is there a map of keystrokes to ipa characters?

Do `C-h C-\ ipa' to see a description.  To select this input method you
can do `C-x RET C-\ ipa'.

(At least, this works in Emacs 21 -- I'm not sure about Emacs 20.7 which
you're using).

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