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Re: Emacs minimised

From: Le Wang
Subject: Re: Emacs minimised
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 04:31:41 GMT
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Lee Sau Dan wrote:

>>>>>> "Jesper" == Jesper Harder <> writes:
>     Jesper> Keith O'Connell <> writes:
>     >> Yes its there, now I know to look. The problem is I did "man
>     >> emacs" and it wasn't there. I figured if it wasn't in the man
>     >> file it was worth asking.
>     Jesper> '-iconic' is documented in the "Icons X" node in the Emacs
>     Jesper> manual.  For GNU programs it's usually always best to look
>     Jesper> in Info first:
> That's true.  But this is also a problem.  Even though I've been using
> Info to  look up  many things, I  still have  the unix habit  of using
> 'man'  when want  to  find something  in  a hurry,  and assuming  that
> everything is  there.  Failing  to find something  in the man  page is
> already frustrating!  So, I will forget about Info at that point!  :(
> Info is good, if  I want to study the program for  15 minutes or more.
> But for quick lookups, man  pages are still much better.  (Many people
> are simply not interested in learning yet another program.)

That's outrageous.  Everybody knows nearly 78% of all dentists surveyed prefer 
Info to man pages.


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